The ironman of India, Milind Soman, needs no introduction. He broke all the hearts (and stereotypes) when he got married to a 26 year younger model, Ankita. He is in the early fifties, yet he gives all the twenty-something some inferiority complex.

The fitness enthusiast, who inspires us with his lifestyle, doesn’t do exceptional things. He’s just the boy next door who follows discipline. He’s a man of many principles. But what exactly does he do? What does it take to be next Milind?

So, to be Milind Soman, you have to follow his circadian. This is what exactly he does.

He Runs.

Wear your best pair and go out.


He Cycles.

Get yourself one and start pedaling.


He Swims.

Get your membership and start it immediately.


He Exercises.

Even Ramdev has been saying for years. Start with Surya Namaskar at least.


He Sings.

Let your Bathroom-Singer free.


He Eats.

He eats clean food. Dump the junk and have healthy meals.


He Romances.

Ahmm!! Ahmm!!


And he sleeps.

At least this is something that you all have been doing well.


Also, mark my words, there can’t be another Milind.

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