If you’re running short of Motivation, get an Internet connection. We have frequently said that the Internet’s a bizarre place. But when it comes to staying motivated, it can do wonders giving you thousands of sources and stories to stay motivated.

One such story is of an Ethiopian Woman, who’s earning applaud from across the world for appearing for exams just after giving birth. This 21-year-old woman gave her exams at a hospital half-an-hour after giving birth to a baby boy.

According to the sources, the woman went into labour overnight Monday and delivered her baby on the day of her exams. The woman was also hoping to give birth before the exams but the exams were postponed due to Ramzan. 

“Because I was rushing to sit the exam, my labour wasn’t difficult at all,” the woman said.


Her photos have taken social media by storm. People around the world have entitled her ‘Wonder Woman’ on social platforms.

Be it writing the exam just after the delivery or casting the vote, women are the real inspiration.

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