If you’ve lived a Hostel life, then crashing a wedding has always been a pleasure. In fact, people have started mentioning ‘Crashing a Wedding’ in their ‘Things to do before you turn 21’ thing. It’s one of those things which can give your taste buds delight for a day. But if you’re doing it with the intentions of harming someone, you’ll surely end up behind the bars.

Pune Police arrested a couple for stealing gold ornaments, mobile phones and cash from at least 17 Weddings around the district.


According to the sources, the couple originally hails from Solapur and wanted to buy a flat in Pune. With the aim of buying a property, the husband executed the plan and involved his wife. Later, the wife would go to the Bride’s makeup room and flee with the ornaments and valuable stuff. Succeeding in a few, the couple started attending the series of weddings and the woman would hit the Bridal’s room.

“If any attendees asked who they were, the couple claimed to be guests from either the bride or groom’s family, after reading their names off the signboard outside the hall. Further, they also used to make it a point to give a gift of Rs 100 or Rs 500 to the couple getting married,” informed SPI to Pune Mirror.


The couple recently bought a brand new Maruti Suzuki Dzire from the looted money & ornaments and paid 7.5 lakh hard cash for it. Being a laborer and driving a Sedan made some people skeptical and this led to an arrest, after a tip-off from the public.


The police set up a trap for the couple after receiving a piece of information. The couple arrived in their brand new car and got trapped. The Police arrested the duo and confiscated their car and 4 lakh in cash and gold ornaments. Later, police also recovered 88 tolas of Gold and 1 lakh something in cash from their home.

The filthy greed to earn and earn and earn and earn always ends up in Jail.

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