Vivek Oberoi has been in the controversies for months for doing a NaMo biopic. The Election Commission stopped the biopic’s release till the end of national elections. The film is expected to be released on May 24th. But the latest post by the actor will surely blow you. The actor is again in controversies for posting an abysmal image on Twitter.

Vivek Oberoi took to his Twitter account to post a picture. He clubbed the exit polls with his personal life and shared a meme. The picture features Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya and her daughter, Aradhya.

The actor reshared the meme created by a Twitter user and captioned it “Haha! creative! No politics here….just life.” Though, the actor shared the picture appreciating the creativity of the maker and had a laugh at the hilarious meme. But users found it filthy and dreadful.

Twitteratis took no time slamming the actor for such an awful post.

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