Nowadays, people find it hard to get a sleep. Be it the stress, or the electronic devices we use, everything has impacted our lives and we all find is so difficult to fall asleep. Though, there’ve been a few life-hacks to fall asleep instantly. Some people prefer read books, some prefer those soothing sounds.

But if you’re tired of listening to soothing sounds and reading books, why don’t you give a shot to Simon Webbe’s new track which aims to soothes you into a deep sleep.

According to the sources, Simon Webbe and PlayOJO teamed up to create a charity single which can help put people to sleep.

The track, Snored to Sleep, combines the sound of crowd-derived snoring with a slow melody, low frequencies, and a rhythmic bass. All these things tend to lower the heart and breath rates, which eventually soothes you and helps you fall asleep.

The song is available on Apple music and the profits will be donated to the charity. However, the initiative for doing the charity’s virtuous but whether the music does stand true or not is something yet to be found.

You can partially listen the track here.

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