Elections are the time where opposition verbally intimidates the ruling party and vice-versa. It’s the time where one defames the opposition badly. A video that’s shared by one of the Chowkidars on Twitter shows Priyanka Gandhi interacting with the children who used abusive slogans to describe the Prime Minister.

The General Secretary of Congress was in Amethi and encountered with young minds who were chanting Anti-Modi slogans. She enjoyed the chants until one of the children slogans had an offensive language.

Priyanka has been slammed for giggling when the Anti-Modi slogans were getting chanted. Not just for the abusive slogans, but also for using children for propaganda.

Netizens are criticizing Priyanka Gandhi for this uncivilized video.

This is how NaMo had interacted with young minds.

A longer version of the video shows that Priyanka objected to their offensive language.

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