Doordarshan is probably the only thing from the late 50s that’s still alive, apart from my Grandma. We all used to wait on Sundays to watch movies at 6:00 in the evening. The signature tune and logo still remain intact. However, the tune was a little depressing but certainly cathartic. Doordarshan, for us, still remains the same, even today.


Well, the iconic logo is not going to be the same, soon. Doordarshan decided to have a new logo and conducted a Logo contest and got more than 10,000 entries. Out of those, the top 5 logos have been chosen.

Prasar Bharati took to Twitter to share the picture of the logos the company has received. And trust me, not just us, but Twitteratis are sharing their disapproval. People are requesting the company to keep the older one.

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