Selling is one of those jobs which needs no prior specialization. If you’re a loquacious person, it just simplifies every difficult thing. Though the only skill a salesman should possess is creativity. They say if you wish to sell a comb to a bald, be creative.

Take a look at this vendor who’s selling toys in the Train. This man’s creative pitch has left the people stunned.

In a 2:20 minutes video, the vendor can be seen selling toys to the commuters hilariously. You might have come across to such vendors. But we bet, the creativity this man possesses is something beyond expectations.

From emphasising to Go digital to taking a dig at Kejriwal, this man’s wisdom can’t be questioned. He has knowledge of politics, he speaks fluent sarcasm, and he’s good at technology. What is something that he doesn’t know?

Watch the video here.

The video has garnered some 1,00,000 views on Twitter and has given a hilarious laugh.

Dude, this Man’s giving some major complex to me. I gotta work on my sales pitch.

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