Badshah keeps on updating his social media family with entertaining posts. We all know that this Bollywood sensation is obsessed with brands. From wearing expensive clothes and shoes to driving expensive wheels, Badshah never fails to flaunt. He recently wowed his fans when he shared the picture of his new addition to the family, Rolls Royce Wraith.

He shared a cute video of his Father pronouncing Rolls Royce as Roz Royce and captioned it Papa ki ‘Roz Royce’ on Instagram. This video is so adorable and you can’t miss it.

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Papa ki ‘Roz Royce’

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It clearly shows that his Father is just like ours. Indian-Fathers don’t give a damn about any expensive thing, and we, in fact, love it. Pronunciations don’t exist in Indian families. Park pronounced as Paarak, Bowl becomes Baaul, and there are plenty of words our parents, and we, have been mispronouncing.

The video’s just too good to be missed.

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