Have you ever gate crashed any party? Attended parties at a 5 star? Clicked selfies with the celebs? If you’ve never, Congratulations, you’re safe.

Delhi based impersonator, Ashish John, posed as a Bombay Times photojournalist and would attend Page 3 events and parties. He would click pictures with the celebs and eat food for free.

Madhur Verma, DCP Delhi, took to Twitter and shared his pictures after apprehending him. He wrote, “Habitual gate crasher to all major PR events in 5 star…..arrested.”

We got a bit curious and Insta-stalked him. According to his Instagram bio, he’s a Bollywood Fashion photographer. We’ve found some astonishing pictures as well.

And one with the PM Narendra Modi.

Can we crash a wedding? Is it a crime too?

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