We all have been listening to those ‘so-called rappers’ for decades now. But how often do we listen to this amazing lyricist and rapper Baba Sehgal? He’s probably the only musician who doesn’t think before writing. His randomness produces some amazing results.

Remember Going to the gym? Chicken fried rice? Well, these two ‘non-critically acclaimed’ songs have given him much recognition. If you’re still crushing on Dhinchak Pooja, it’s time you moved on. Because these random tweets from Baba will (not) make you fall in love with him.

1. Bajj gayi-Bajj gayi.

2. Faster than the new T-18 train?

3. Coffee will never be the same.

4. Don’t forget to play this track.

5. Thank God, I’m not a Tea person.

6. Partying tonight? Play this track on loop.

7. The obsession for Tea.

8. Did Abhishek actually respond?

9. Okay, this guy is really talented.

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