World’s a peculiar place and people are bizarre. Every now and then, your TL is be filled with multiple weird updates and challenges. Be it the condom challenge, where people snorted a latex condom through their nasal cavity or the water-filled condom challenge, the innovations have always jolted us.

A new challenge has been added to the list and known as the ‘Bin Bag Challenge.’ A person sits inside a plastic bin bag and a vacuum device suctions the air out, making the bag air free which firmly sticks to the body. It’s one who the injurious challenges and can harm you severely.

The challenge ends up giving the resemblance of Black Widow from the Marvel.

He almost choked while doing the abnormal challenge.

When the vacuum sucks the air out, the person gets stuck inside it. The plastic grasps them firmly and makes them impossible to move when air gets suctioned, and this is something perilous. According to the sources,

“A testimony of a teenager who got vacuumed in a plastic bag, he could not move for two hours. Eventually, his parents arrived at the scene and rescued him.” 

Some are planning to the challenge in vacations, some are questioning the abnormality of the world. The reactions are just a blend of multiple emotions.

This man’s wisdom can’t be questioned.

Someone’s got summer plans

Well, the abnormal challenge can choke you. Don’t try this anywhere. And if you still wish to do so, don’t try it without anyone’s supervision. Try at your risk.

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