The battle between PewDiePie and T-series still remains the most debated one. At some point in time, it became nasty, but T-series didn’t respond to it. The subscribers count fluctuated rapidly. The battle also benefitted both the channels. They both gained more than 3M subscribers in less than a year. And eventually, T-series won.

Now, weeks after the battle, T-series has become the first YouTube channel to have crossed 100 million subscribers count. PewDiePie still remains at no 2.

PewDiePie, as an Individual creator, still ranks at 1 as the most subscribed and viewed YouTube channel worldwide.


We gotta admit, the battle gave us some amazing tracks. From Bitch Lasagna to Congratulations, we did enjoy listening to them. And the happiest moment was when T-series overtook PewDidPie in subscribers count and became the most subscribed YouTube channel.

People at T-series would party like anything tonight.

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