Swara Bhasker has always blown us with her acting adroitness. Be it Nil Battey Sannata’s Chanda or Raanjhanaa’s Bindiya, her work has always done the talking. But not just her acting, she’s also been in the limelight because of her candid political views. She’s probably the only actress who gets trolled every other day.

Recently, she’s gotten trolled and trollers used her masturbation scene from the movie Veerey Di Wedding to troll her.

The trollers went on the streets holding a placard with Swara’s name on it and wrote, “This election, don’t be like Swara Bhaskar. Use your fingers wisely. Vote Wisely.”

Then, in a mocking tweet, she writes:

“Awwwwwww!!!!! My trolls are hard at work again, sweating it out in the heat to popularise my name.. You guys are SO dedicated & sweet!!! Don’t mind the slut-shaming guys.. their imagination is a bit limited.. but loving the effort you two”

While some supported Swara,

Some applauded the troller.

Swara has an outspoken personality which bigots can’t handle.

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