Change is something that we should acknowledge. We’ve been seeing body transformations, looks transformations on the web and they’ve always jolted us. The pictures with before-after captions always catch the attention. But how often do we witness any before-after mental health picture?


Depression is certainly one of those diseases which not just harms you mentally, but takes away your looks as well. In the last few years, the word Stress has been penetrated so deeply in the lives of every single human being, and eventually affected the health.

But does depression really affect one’s appearance?

Well, for this girl, it not just changed her appearance, but her life. This girl, from Texas, shared a before and after pictures of her with the caption, “a mental health glo up. I’m so proud of myself dude. I literally LOOK healthier.”

This inspired many users and they also shared their before and after photographs in the thread.

More power to you, ladies!

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