When you’re pregnant, the curiosity to know the gender of your child just doesn’t let you sleep. Even the people around you start asking, Is it a boy or girl? Though, in some countries, it’s legal to get the gender checked. But there are a few Parents who prefer to stay curious for 9 months or till the delivery.

Emma is one of those mothers. She, instead of knowing the gender, preferred to keep it hidden. She went for a 20-week scan and categorically told the nurse that she doesn’t want to know the sex. But destiny had something else for her.


When she was done with the scan, the screen nurse flipped the screen and it was flashing the reports of the scan. She was traumatized when she noticed something on the screen.

“On the top right corner of it was a box that clearly said SEX: FEMALE which i couldn’t help be left starring at in shock. When she realised i was standing looking at the screen she quickly changed it.” she added.


Since she’s a Mother of 2 amazing girls, and as this is their last child, she was secretly expecting a boy. But the technology ruined everything when she found the gender this way. Though her family’s consoling her saying that It could’ve been her details. But if they were, why did the nurse change the screen.

Use a blind fold next time.

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