Ever since Swatch Bharat got initiated, people have become concerned about the cleanliness. Be it the Versova Beach’s cleanliness drive, where people volunteered and cleaned 5 Million kg of filth in 85 weeks or keeping the Ghats cleaned, people are understanding the significance of sanitation.

To keep their city cleaned, citizens of Hisar are volunteering to remove the posters from the Walls and painting them with beautiful artwork. A user on Twitter posted the pictures and wrote,

“HamaraPyarHisar was started in August 2018 by few like minded people. Now the group is growing exponentially every week. Volunteers vary from 7years to 77years. Amazing team.”

The group, ‘Hamara Pyar Hisar,’ has seen rapid growth and people from different age groups are associating with it.

People gather to clean the walls, affected with the stains of tobacco and futile advertisements, and paint them with the artwork. People have been working since August 2018 and transformed the city drastically.

Seeing such a good initiative from a town that’s relatively smaller is commendable. It shows the people do understand their social duties and work hard to bring a change. Change matters, be it by making your cities clean or making sure that the walls are not covered with the hideous posters.

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