The scorching June sun has arrived and the hot heat waves are taking the lives. Temperature, in some parts of the North, sores above 47 degrees Celsius. In this high temperature, while everyone prefers to stay at home, very few prefer to be humane.


On the streets of Delhi, an old man was spotted serving glasses of water to those traveling in the stifling heat. 

A Twitter user uploaded a video of an old Sikh man serving cold water to the people and wrote, “In the sweltering Delhi heat, this Sardarji is single-handedly trying to bring some relief to the people! Commendable.”

In the video, the old man can be seen placing cans and a few glasses on his two-wheeler and positioned himself by the road in the scorching heat to serve water to the commuters and pedestrians.

The internet can’t stop applauding him for his generosity and people are reacting with love and blessings.

It’s true, in this self-centred world, such people give us a ray of hope that humanity still exists.

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