Lok Sabha 2019 is certainly one of the crucial elections. From Supari journalism to ground reality, 2019 has covered everything. The rallies are on its peak, the opposition is defaming the government and vice versa. But not every time the rallies go well. Sometimes, you cut off your nose to spite your face.

Recently, Digvijay Singh, who’s MP from Bhopal, and a former Cheif Minister, was rallying and lashing out at Modi for not fulfilling his promise of depositing Rs 15L. He asked the crowd, “Did you get 15Ls in your accounts?” A youngster raised his hand and got invited on the stage.

The guy went on the stage and started applauding the Prime Minister over the surgical strike. He said,

“Surgical Strike kar ke Modi Ji ne Antakwadiyo ko maara.”

Though, one of the party leaders pushed and shoved the guy out of the stage. But this surely was an embarrassing moment for Digvijay Singh.

Netizens are appreciating the words of the Pink-Shirted guy.

Modi Ji ne Air Strike bhi karvai.

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