Betrayals are a part of life. Your love betrays you, your friends betray you, and such things hurt you to some extent. But if your family betrays you, it hurts more than anything. It’s one of the painful things. It’s like an apocalypse. The same has happened to an Independent candidate in Jalandhar.

Neetu Shuttran Aala, an Independent candidate, got 5 votes despite having a family of 9 voters in Loksabha Elections, 2019.

In the early trends, when this Reporter asked him how come he got 5 votes? The man started crying, and said, “I’ve got a family of 9 voters.”

However, the candidate was busy figuring out the puzzle that where did the 4 votes of his family go?

This video was comic relief for everyone amidst the high-voltage political drama and counting day pressure.

Netizens are asking not to make fun of this Poor Man.

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