When bad timings get mingled with foolishness, it produces a result, called Photobomb. Spoiling someone’s photograph either deliberately or unintentionally has become a tradition now. A photobombed picture can ruin your entire vacation, if not noticed earlier.

A couple from California went on their pre-wedding shoot to get some images for their wedding invitation. Little did they know what was about to happen.

Just when they held their hands and posed for the sunset session, an old man photobombed their picture. Surprisingly (and shockingly), the visitor wasn’t wearing anything.

Recalling the moment, their photographer told, “At first, I was trying to remember if I took the couple to a nude beach by accident. It wasn’t my intention and luckily the couple I was shooting did not see him, as they were too busy looking at each other.”

You never know what’s in your day.

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