They say times have changed, India’s moving forward, people are changing, so are the minds, and streets are becoming safer for Women. But why do people say so? Don’t they read? Don’t the roam? It’s 2019 and the streets are still filled with sexual predators. Be it harassing someone inside a temple, or asking the passenger to sit on the lap, these douchebags don’t leave anyone.

A woman from Mumbai took to her social media to narrate a monstrous incident of sexual harassment. 

A user on Instagram, Debaleena Saha, shared an appalling video of a horrible ride she had in Mumbai. The women took a local cab to Nariman Point while returning from Siddhi Vinayak.

According to her post, the incident took place at around 9:30 in the morning when she boarded the ‘local taxi’ with her family.

“This driver as soon as I got into this local taxi, opens his zip, was staring at me objectifying& was stimulating his genitals.” 

In the video, the woman can be heard saying she wants to deboard the taxi in the middle of her trip but the driver denies to stop. The driver also puts his hand on her seat with intentions of touching her inappropriately.

The contemptible deed of the taxi driver has caused fury and netizens, including celebs, are reacting to it.

The woman filed an FIR and in her recent update of stories, she confirmed about the arrest saying,

“Proud of Mumbai Police for getting hold over that culprit last night.”

Watch the entire incident here.

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SHAME !!!! It took me hours to think if I should share this or not, but I am sharing it now, . (Before you judge me based on what I was wearing I was wearing normal jeans and top) We were on our way from Siddhivinayak temple, We took this local taxi( worst decision ever) taking my mom & sister to Nariman Point on my way from Dadar, This driver as soon as I got into this local taxi, opens his zip ,was staring at me objectifying& was stimulating his genitals ( I wish I could record that) every time he took halt on signals ,Making me feel so uncomfortable, it was morning 9:30 am, Being in Mumbai I always felt safe and have never come across any such situation before, It’s called safe city, But if people like this can make someone like me who is local resident of this city go through this, I wonder what women coming from other city could have gone through, it’s not the city to be blamed but such people , Yes I got down abruptly in middle and no he wasn’t letting us get down until I forced voice, I said this where I could see Mumbai police around, later he started saying sorry, stating he was poor but excuse me, being poor doesn’t give you right to sexually harass someone, What if it would have been late evening , me alone in this same situation, I always heard about all this untill today I experienced this shit . Update – FIR is filled and I didn’t share this to feel victimised but to make all the women out there feel powerful and raise their voice when &where needed. Also up till he is not arrested I would suggest you guys to not board this taxi MH01 BT7115. #Shame #speakup #raiseyourvoice

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