Wounds of November 2008 still haunt the people of Mumbai. Every time they see something fishy, it creates panic. The same happened when two individuals, dressed like bombers with a bullet vest around them, were spotted sauntering around on the streets of Mumbai.


According to the reports, two suspected terrorists were spotted, wearing Militant gear, in Mumbai and created panic and distress. An onlooker informed the Police and they immediately took the action and started the search operation. After an hour-long search, the Police was able to trace them.

On scrutinizing, identified as Balram Ginwala and Arbaaz Khan, it was found that they were actors on the sets of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s film. They went out to buy some cigarettes when the bystanders discerned them and informed the police.


Mumbai Police still booked the production unit in-charge and the two actors for creating distress, and panic and also disrupting peace among citizens. The police also felicitated the Security Guard, who informed the police, for his alertness.

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