Life’s full of ups and downs. But then, there’s this beautiful thing called ‘Fooling your parents’ which just escalates your mood. Believe me, if you got ‘Desi Parent’, life settt hain duddde. The innocence they possess is just beyond the explanation.

This girl from the US, who fooled her “Desi Mom,” is the adorable thing you’ll see today. Zeher took to Twitter to share the Whatsapp chat of her with her Ammi.

She texted her Mother that she’s in love with (so are we) Keanu Reeves and asked for her blessings. What happened next will just give you a hard laugh.

She shared the picture of Keanu and gave her Mother all the details like where he stays, what are his hobbies, where he works and what not. She gave all the details a Desi Mom would ask for.

And guess what?

As being a Desi Mom (just like ours), she had no idea about this hottie actor and she got a little carried away and elevated about her daughter finding such a handsome guy. She even showered her blessings.

Ever since we saw Constantine, the love for Keanu has just reached the next level. We all have been crushing hard on KR, but never thought of pranking our Moms like this. And Never ever imagined getting such a cute response from a Desi Mother.

Twitter is filled with love and laughter.

What need more such Moms!

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