Lok Sabha 2019 elections have already begun, so have the rallies, hate speeches, political convoys, and tirades. Be it Azam Khan’s Khadi remark or Yogi’s Bajrangbali, these bigots have shown us a lot.

A video is doing rounds on the Internet which shows how a Congress vehicle campaigning in the rural was pushed back. The mob didn’t allow the vehicle in and the driver was threatened with the Modi Chants and a few cricket bats.


This video was also shared by one of the Chowkidars and that eventually garnered the attention. The frightened driver took a detour and left the place immediately.

Now, there are two sides to it. One clearly shows The Love and The Insanity for the PM. It’s good to show your affection and express your love. But the other, which is quite frightening, is a darker and a scarier side.

Now, what if the driver hadn’t taken a detour? What if he had gone ahead? Mob Lynched? Don’t know. But his Vehicle would’ve surely gotten vandalized.

While some are applauding the Josh,

Some people are still talking about Humanity.

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