We’ve earlier witnessed India’s soft power when the Mahindra’s Chairman shared the video of our very own Punjabi chartbuster, Lamborghini, playing at a local nightspot in Greece. We’ve often seen “Goras” dancing to Punjabi chartbusters. But have we ever witnessed them grooving on our superhit Bhojpuri songs?

It’s time to witness the UK people grooving on the Lollipop Lagelu. Yes, you heard it right, the desi music bug has bitten the “Goras” and they’re dancing insanely on the beats of Lollipop Lagelu.

A clip, that’s going viral on social platforms, shows foreigners grooving as the DJ plays the Bhojpuri record-breaker Lollipop Lagelu. The video immediately garnered thousands of eyes and within no time, broke the internet.

Well, Bhojpuri is a dialect spoken in the North-Eastern part of India but we never expected this to make waves globally as well.

This immediately took the attention and we, the desis, couldn’t resist pouring the love.

Seeing such things, I would say, Daag Acche Hain.

Well, Bhojpuri is a real substance.

Soon, we all will witness the global reach of Rinkiya Ke Papa.

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