If you’re stressed and looking for a stressbuster, play with a child. Children are known to be the best stressbuster until today. Their innocence and sweetness just kill the stress. They’re the nicest beings on earth. Even if you get engaged in a puerile argument with them, you would love to lose.

A video is doing rounds on Twitter that shows a little girl in Srinagar, climbing on her dad’s shoulders while he is praying in the mosque. This video was shot during Namaz and was uploaded by a journalist, Ieshan Wani.

The video was shot in Jamia Masjid, Srinagar, while the people offer the namaz. This adorable video is a testimony of the innocence of children, and it shows that only love matters to them.

As this adorable video garnered some attention, people started sharing their moments as well.

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