Salman Khan is a man of controversies. Be it the decades-old Blackbuck killing case, or mocking the Valmiki community while shooting a reality show in December 2017, the actor has always been engaged in several headlines. Despite having several cases, he always manages to escape and balance his professional life. The Bhai of Bollywood yet again has landed in legal trouble.

According to the sources, Ashok Pandey, a television Journalist, has lodged a criminal complaint against the superstar Salman Khan on charges of threat, abuse, and assault.


As per the complaint, the incident took place in the early hours of April 24th, when the Journalist spotted Salman Khan riding a bicycle, escorted by two of his guards. The Journalist sought the permission from his assistants to shoot (on camera) the superstar and they agreed to.

Seeing the camera, the actor got infuriated and the actor and his bodyguards started assaulting and thrashing the Journalist. The actor even grabbed his Mobile phone and tried to demolish it and delete stuff from it.


The victim also lodged an FIR against the actor but even after finding no development, he moved to court.

“The matter will come up for hearing on July 12. At that time, the court will decide whether the police will be directed to conduct an investigation, or issue summons to the accused,” victim’s lawyer told IANS.

The actor hasn’t issued any statement yet. However, the sources state that one of the representatives of the actor has spoken to the Journalist to settle the dispute but the Journalist refused to any settlement.

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