Delhi is associated with only one word – Bhenc**d. This single word can do wonders. It expresses every emotion. You’re sad, use this. You’re happy, use this. You’re surprised, use this. You’ve constipation? You fuckin’ use this. It literally goes well with every emotion.

But Delhites are not just limited to this only. There are 100s of B-words in their dictionary, and their day can be done without using these. As they say, When in Rome, do what Romans do. So, next time you’re in Delhi, use these lingos and get adjusted.

1. Bhand

2. Bhasad

3. Bakchod

4. Bhaad

5. Bihari

6. Banda

7. Bhai

8. Bhains Ki Ankh

9. Bhoonda

10. Bhaida

11. Bro

12. Baap – The iconic one.

Dilli se hoon B******d.

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