What is love? Is it a feeling for the opposite person, for yourself, for food or for shopping? If you are thinking that love is just a feeling for a person, it is just a misconception. If you really want to find true love, just explore the markets of beautiful India. You will find love not only for the cities, but also for yourself by the most exciting way, and that’s SHOPPING! Have you ever wondered why shopping is such a love? Because it brings out your inner beauty as well as the craftsmanship of your own city.

Here are some of the exciting cities with huge favorable markets on a shopping spree.



Keeping aside those tasty ROSOGOLLAS and HILSA CURRY, tourists, as well as locals, will be busy in hopping the markets. With huge cravings for different clothing material and styles, markets are to go on a shopping spree.

Kolkata is the only place where u can get anything starting from Rs. 50 till the range you can afford. With such flexibility in prices, markets such as Hatibagan, Esplanade, Gariahat, Nagerbazar, Metro Plaza, Burrabazar and Bardhan Market always remain on top with an unlimited shopping spree.


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Pretermitting  Pav Bhajis and Marine drive, Mumbai in this holiday will be experiencing unrestrained shopping bout. Though Mumbai is famous for Jimmy Choo and Dolce Gabbana, the local markets do face shopping spree with huge demands for duplication of different brands. You have to just go out and roam on the streets of Colaba Causeway, and Fashion Street.



This city needs to be on top if u want to explore the traditional stuff. Delhi has several lanes colonized with numerous markets, Haats, and shopping malls. Markets in Delhi are about to face huge demand in the holidays for favorable items like Zardosi, Lehengas, pieces of Jewelry, Chunri, Patialas, silver necklace and what not. This holiday, don’t miss out Delhi. And you know where to rush – Sarojini



Chennai has a unique culture which could be seen in the city itself. With a beautiful stratum of culture, climate, food habits and infrastructure, Chennai deserves to be on the list. In terms of fashion, Chennai is famous for Chennalite dresses composed as a simple attire. T Nagar is the place, my buoyy!


Bangalore, with its Manhattan looks, is famous for those who prefer brand binging. Gandhi road and Bt road with glamorous shopping malls to go on a spree with huge demands for jackets, jeans, tops, tunics, gowns, Jewellery and what not. M.G Road is your place, folks.



With Nawabi touch, Lucknow is famous for Chikan designs. The stratum of threads composed to form a design along with different colors make chikan the only reason for the markets to go on a shopping spree. Hazratganj is the one you should keep in mind.



With Rajputana designs and Kundan love, markets in Jaipur are on huge shopping bout. Jaipur is one of the biggest and important gem producing cities. Markets in Jaipur use such advantageous opportunity and found the enticing way of attracting people which causes such shopping spree. You know your place is Johari Bazar.

Shopping entices love for ownself. It’s the only way of finding inner peace. Being shopaholic is now a crime, it’s actually a passion. So, don’t worry about spreeing your shopping list, go and grab what suits you best.

Taadda! I gotta shop a few things.

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