Ever since the Supreme Court abolished the section 377 of IPC, many lovebirds have managed to gather the courage to open up and speak about their feelings. It has given them an authority to love openly and freely in this country.


Last week, Dutee Chand, an Indian sprinter, revealed having an affair and opened up about her same-sex relationship with her partner from her village. Her partner happens to be her relative. This created waves on the Internet and everyone appreciated her for opening up.

However, Dutee’s Mother refused to accept her same-sex relationship and said, “That girl is like a daughter to me.” Now, there have been speculations that her family’s threatening her for opening up but she’s not concerned about anything. Talking to TOI, Dutee said,

“My older sister has threatened to throw me out of the house. She did the same with my brother because she didn’t like his wife. But I did not want to bow down to her. I am an adult. She can do what she wants but I wanted to make this public for two reasons. It is nothing wrong and I am not ashamed of it. I proudly say I am in a same-sex relationship.”


When she was asked about the repercussions of her statement and how’s her family reacting to it. She said she’s an adult and won’t bow down to family pressure. She’s become an epitome of courage in a country where openly talking about your sexual attitude is a taboo.

“I think I am a sportsperson. A lot of people look up to me, so I have the responsibility to set the right example for them. I think people will see my medals and my performance for my country and not what I do off the field. They like me because I win for the country and I will continue to do so” she added.

Dutee is preparing for the World Champions and we wish, she not just brings the medals but breaks the taboo.

More power to you, ladyyy!

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