How do you prefer to spend your summer weekend? Netflix, chips and a Beer? If this is your kinda weekend, you’re my kinda buoyyy. Beer is the best thing that has happened to mankind, and who doesn’t love a bottle of beer in summers?

That’s why we’ve listed some of the most expensive Beers.



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Corona, the love of our lives, is a Mexican beer and gets imported from Mexico. The cost of this beer for a pint is somewhere Rs.390. The same would cost you at a bar, with some classy ambiance, around Rs.505. Also, in India, the geographic factor is crucial, and that defines the price of the product.



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Hoegaarden is a Belgian beer that defines a class. It’s easily available in India and can cost you around Rs.505 at any bar. The average cost of this beer is around Rs.350. Again, it depends where you live.



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Again, a Belgian brand that’s sold in India. Duvel is probably the most expensive brand of beer sold here. The cost of this beer is approx Rs.750. At a bar, you would end up paying Rs.950 or more.

Guinness Draught

/gee-nuss draw-ft/

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Guinness Draught is an Irish brew. It is rather thick and creamy with high caloric content. Its average cost is Rs.570 approx but if you wish to enjoy the same with some ambiance, you gotta pay Rs.750 to drink this beer at a bar.

Stella Artois

/stel-lah ar-twa/

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Again, Stella Artois is a Belgian beer. It’s one of the wrongly pronounced beers in India. It is available at an average price of Rs.350. But, if you wish to have it with some class, you gotta pay Rs.505 for this.

Bira 91

/fuddu iska nahi pata?/

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One of the sought after beers, Bira 91 has made its place in the market and youth is the TG. Probably because of its Logo, Bira has managed to penetrate well. This beer, at a bar, would cost you around Rs.390. But if you wish to stay home and are binge-watching your favorite show, this would cost you around Rs.170.

Kingfisher Ultra

/king-fish-err ul-trra/

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Kingfisher is probably the only beer you can have it anywhere, literally, anywhere. It’s one of the widely available beers in India. It’s dead cheap, it calms you down and it’s love. A pint of the same would cost you around Rs.110 and a sitting at bar would cost you around Rs.295.

Dude, who won’t mind paying this much for a beer?

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