Betting Industry, in the last few years, has taken a boom and has been growing rapidly. Though it’s illegal to trade on such things, and it can land you behind the bars. But still, people are playing on IPL and other sports without even getting tracked. This certainly has repercussions and they’re as bad as this news.


A man in Rohtak, who lost lakhs while betting on one of the IPL matches, was arrested killing his father who refused to lend him some more money. The man was a prominent furniture trader of Kalanaur, who hadn’t given money to his son.

According to the sources, the accused had lost a lot of money in betting and to pay off his debt, he asked his father for money and killed him when he refused to help.


After killing the victim, the accused, along with his Juvenile son, disposed-off the body near the sugar mill in Rohtak and went to the Police station to file a complaint about his Missing Father.

When Police started the search, the accused son helped in finding the body. Police found something fishy and suspicious and took the accused for interrogation where the accused later confessed to the murder.

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