Whenever, in the morning, I unfold the newspaper, I see plenty of news where a girl becomes the victim of sexual harassment, honor killing, acid attack, and other atrocities. Violence against women has increased exponentially in the last decade, and honestly, molestation has become an everyday story now.

Recently, an Aunty from Gurgaon took the internet by storm when she slut shamed a girl for wearing short clothes. She said, “Women like her provoke rapes.” Okay! Agree. If a girl wears shorts, she’s provoking someone. But don’t the women, who wear Burqa, get raped? Don’t they get molested? And it’s not just her, even some noted politicians, many times, have given such statements blaming victims for the crime.

Here’s another story that has jolted us, and will certainly make you question, Where are we heading?

This girl from Gwalior went to Vrindavan to visit Banke-Bihari Mandir with her family. Since it was Akshaya Tritiya (A Hindu festival), the temple was extremely crowded. The family saw the crowd and still went inside thinking “Ab aa gaye hain to Darshan kar hi lete hain.”


As the family went inside, they got disbanded. It was so thronged that one couldn’t even see the other family member. Since the motive was to seek the blessings, they waited in the disorganized queue.

And when the crowd moved forward, the girl felt someone grabbing her ass. She looked back and pushed the crowd. Within a few minutes, someone pushed her hair. She somehow managed to escape. The harassment took place inside the Mandir.

She wrote,

“suddenly one hand comes to my waist and somebody opened my top from the right side and grabbed my right breast. I was frozen and I couldn’t turn to”

Now to those people who always blame the victim.

A. She wasn’t partying.
B. She wasn’t wearing shorts.
C. She wasn’t alone.

Why did she still get molested?

It’s so awful to see such a disgusting crime taking place inside the temple. It’s a place where one worships, it’s the place where one goes for peace. But creeps don’t spare such sacred places.

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I JUST GOT A LITTLE QUESTION TO ASK ALL OF YOU.. . Yesterday i went to vrindavan to visit bankebihari mandir, my family and i totally forgot it was akshay trutiya and thousands of people visit mandir on this day. We estimated the number of people from the parking space and we thought "ab aagye hain to darshan kar hi lete hain zyada se zyada kitni hi bheed hogi" and we went in. As we were getting closer to the temple the number of people started raising. I held the hand of my badepapa and we continued walking towards the mandir. We reached to the point where none of us could see each other, i only felt my hand been held by badepapa with all his strength. There were thousands and thousands of people and everyone was suffocating. We were all moving because of the pushes that were coming after every minute. While we were all struggling i felt some hands on my hips, i looked back and pushed the strangers away with my elbows. After around 5 minutes, when we were on the stairs and crowd was at it's peak, somebody grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards with all the force and i literally lost my badepapa's hand because i was being pulled backwards by someone with so much strength that i thought i was gonna get bald. I shouted to the policeman near me ki mere baaaaal!! He came to rescue me and suddenly my hair were released. Then i started looking for my family while pushing the crowd, suddenly one hand comes to my waist and somebody opened my top from the right side and grabbed my right breast. I was freezed and i couldn't turn to my right because i was in a very crowded place at that time. I just pulled all my strength and pinched that hand badly. I ran towards outside while tieing my top and sighed when i met my family. I feel disgusted and unsafe and embarrassed!! I was wearing a fully covered top and full jeans for those of you who thinks kapdo ki galti hai! I was in mandir for those of you who thinks party me ye sab hota hai! I was with my family for those who thinks akele kyun gayi thi! And i just have one question- Agar mandir, family aur kapdo ko blame karlia ho to ab India safe kaese banana hai ye soche? What is it that other girls and i should have done?

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Creeps are everywhere.

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