There have been instances when you’re traveling in a Metro and the person sitting beside you peeps into your mobile phone. Grrr, it’s so annoying. You should be allowed to kill that peeper. It’s so pestering when you’re texting your Bae or even your Mummy and someone peeps into your mobile. Such people don’t have social ethics.

A guy took to Twitter and shared his experience. He was traveling on a Plane and observed that the passenger sitting next to him was constantly staring at his phone. He did the cleverest (hilarious too) thing. He switched the camera on and turned the phone’s angle towards the lady.

In a thread, he writes that after he took the video, he asks the lady for her consent to upload. They both shared their stories and had a great flight after the incident. She’s the sweetest old lady ever, he writes.

People are sharing their experiences as well.

How awkward it must have been.

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