‘Loss,’ the word seems small and insignificant, but the impact it has on the lives is abundant. The loss of life is real agony. It’s the suffering that takes years and decades to overcome and it still can’t be wholly forgotten. The thought about Death is probably the only thing that haunts everyone. Not just human, it also haunts the animal.

In this heartbreaking video, the herd of elephants plodding with a carcass of a calf is evident that how a loss impacts all the living organisms. The lady elephant walks out of the forest to cross the road and at the extremity of the road, she drops the carcass.

The emotional video of a group of elephants taking out a “funeral procession” for a dead calf will leave you teary-eyed. Indian Forest Service officer, Parveen Kaswan, took to Twitter to post a distressing video and wrote,

“This will move you !! Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby.” 

The bond animals share is certainly deeper than the ones we humans do. It clearly shows that, be it humans or animals, every organism possesses emotions.

“Elephant’s capacity for complex emotions like grief is truly remarkable,” wrote a user. It provoked an outburst of emotions and netizens expressed grief on social media.

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