Ever since I watched Fugly, I’ve been looking at Delhi Police from a different perspective. Thanks to Delhi Crime, Netflix, which helped me change my perspective and gave me a new vision. But now a video, that’s doing rounds on the internet, has put me in a dilemma.

A ‘Gramin-Seva’ tempo driver was seen being thrashed brutally by Delhi Police outside Mukherjee Nagar police station. The driver and his son were beaten up with “kicks and sticks.” The son was seen begging one of the Policemen not to beat up his father, but the Policeman refused to listen.

According to the sources, the incident happened after the tempo driver hit the Police’s vehicle. The Policeman then threatened the old Sikh driver and the Sikh man took out his sword. Then the Policeman and his squad attacked the driver. In retaliation, the driver attacked the Policemen.

Bystanders caught the incident on camera and shared it on social media which has garnered the attention and people are slamming Delhi Police for this brutal act.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also demanded an impartial investigation. 

Delhi Police suspended 3 of its officials.

People on social media are condemning such a brutal act.

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