There’s a dearth of Sex Education in India. When it comes to sex education, the only thing that’s known to CBSE students of the class 10th is ‘Chapter 8th.’ Talking about SEX in Indian is taboo. In fact, whenever a condom commercial plays on TV, Indian families get scattered.

So, here are some interesting facts about the ‘latex rubber’ that you should know.

1. A condom can hold a gallon of liquid.


You don’t believe us? Buy a condom and fill it with (as much as you can) water. It will hold more than a water bottle, for sure.

2. Condoms have a life for 4 years.


The material used in condoms can last for decades. But for safer sex, its shelf life is considered for 4 years.

3. During Navaratri, Condoms are sold more than Dandiyas in Gujarat.


According to the non-reported statistics, the sale of condoms exponentially increases during Garba sessions in some major cities of Gujarat.

4. Condoms protect rifles from rusting.


In Army, soldiers used condoms to cover their rifles to protect them from rusting. Condoms are actually used to cover your guns.

6. Indians are still embarrassed about buying condoms.


Statistics say that Indians hesitate asking for condoms. People don’t actually eve use the word ‘condom.’ Britishers also follow the list.

7. Condoms actually desensitise men.


While a theory says that condoms don’t make the male organ less sensitive but the fact denies it. They actually desensitize the male’s reproductive organ.

8. Many people don’t know how to use condoms.


It may sound bizarre, but the fact is many people still have no idea how to you a condom. Many people watch tutorials on YouTube to enlighten themselves.

9. People, in some countries, reuse the condoms after washing and lubricating them.


Yuck! It sounds really peculiar but some people, to make it cost effective, reuse the condoms after lubricating them.

10. Condoms don’t affect pleasure, for women.


While people say that Condoms do affect pleasure for both, but for Women, condoms don’t make any less orgasm. The pleasure actually remains the same.

11. Some condoms are made of Animal Parts.


It might jolt you but there are some condoms made of lambskin. They are actually made of Lamb’s intestine. Now imagine wearing ‘lamb.’

12. There’s a condom that’s bigger than a human.


The Guinness Book records the World’s biggest condom record, made in Paris. It was made in 1993 in order to celebrate World AIDS Day and the giant condom was on Obelisk. Why didn’t South Africa make this record?

13. There’s no Age bar to buy condoms.


There’s an age bar to buy alcohol, there’s an age bar to buy cigarettes. But there’s no age bar to buy Condoms.

14. About 47% condoms purchase is made by Women.


About 47% of Women in the world buy condoms while Men keep on hesitating visiting the pharmacies.

15. Sale of Condoms on Valentine’s day touches the sky.


Well, the day is for lovers but the companies see the boom in the sale of their products on Valentine’s day. While others enjoy the pleasure, companies enjoy profits.

Don’t make gestures with hands at Pharmacy next time.

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