If your day doesn’t start with a cup of coffee, why are you even living? We count on coffee every single moment. Soon, there will be days where people will bribe coffee to get the work done. Coffee, nowadays, isn’t just a drink, it’s a status symbol. It defines your lifestyle.

Coffee is known to clear all the commotion. But this new perplexing sign is giving birth to confusions.

A Reddit user posted a picture which has quickly escalated the people and they’re confused figuring it out. A signboard of a ‘Coffee’ has been playing with the minds of people.


Well, the sign itself reads ‘coffee,’ but the shadow doesn’t follow the sign. The shadow says ‘cofee.’ This mind-boggling illusion has given birth to some bizarre statements.

While some are doubting that this has been done by the “enemy stand,” some are saying “The lights are equally spaced so the shadows of each F at an angle blend together.”


But the mystery still remains unsolved. We’ve not figured out Where The F is ‘F.’ It still remains a question, and the optical illusion still baffles us.

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