Jet Airways last flew its flight on April 17th and since then, all the Airbuses have been grounded. After serving the customers for 25 years, the company suspended its operations temporarily. Due to lack of funds, the company called off its services.

This decision has affected many lives. The pilots, engineers and ground staff have been unemployed. As per the reports, around 1300 staffers, including cabin crew and the pilots, lost access to their FOREX cards. Their cards have been frozen, which had savings up to $2000.

The staff also wrote to the chairman of the State Bank of India, Rajnish Kumar, and pleaded him to take over the airlines. But no positive sign has been shown.

So, the association representing the pilots of Jet Airways, NAG, has come forward to run a campaign on a digital platform and give the crisis a face. The employees and their family members are taking to Twitter and other social platforms to share their pain. They’re requesting the people to share it to the maximum so the government intervenes.

We hope the crisis ends soon, and the staff gets the salaries to feed their families.

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