Addiction is the worst thing that could happen to somebody. It’s simply a pattern that your brain follows. Be it of drugs or social platforms, whenever you get addicted, everyone around you witnesses a drastic change. And Facebook is certainly one of the addictions. It’s an addiction that’s hard to let go. When your Bua ki Beti ka Saans ke Bhai ka Beta sends you a friend request and constantly likes all your posts, you realize how peculiar this platform has become.

But today, we aren’t just talking about the addiction. We’re talking about the outcome of the same.

Just a quick query, How many people in your friend’s list aren’t alive? 1-2? Now imagine the same in your friend’s profile. Multiply it with the number of friends you have. Got something alarming?

Now, think about the number of deceased profiles on Facebook.


According to the sources, a study published in the Big Data and Society Journal says, the number of deceased profiles is expected to outnumber the living by 2070. And if this stands true, Facebook will become a digital graveyard.

Someone please take my password and deactivate the profile (don’t fucking check the messages) when I die.

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