Mobile applications have drastically changed the lives of lazy asses. Hungry? Order something. Need to commute? Book a cab. Single AF? Download Tinder. Need to post a story? Use Snapchat. Snapchat is really a fun app. It’s one of the easy ways to send nudes (no offense), and if your partner takes the screenshot, booom! they’re caught.

Recently, Snapchat brought a new filter and people have gone crazyyyy. This filter lets you change gender. Just adjust your face, and voila! you’re done. People have been using it to prank their friends, family members, and bae. But this guy has taken it to the next level.

Jake Askew, from England, used this filter to prank all the single guys in Derby. He swapped his gender and then created a fake profile on Tinder, named Jess. Within an hour, he she got 100s of right swipes, matches, messages, and was hit with some cheesy pick-up lines as well.

Jake’s alter-ego, Jess, has received countless right swipes and multiple likes. People have fallen in love (and trap) with the fake female version of Jake, and all thanks to the filter. He took to Twitter to narrate the stroy and wrote, “I was the most popular girl in Derby.”

If your life is fucked up and you’re bored AF, download Snapchat now.


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