If you’re one of those people who stays updated virtually and has the knowledge of entire Digital Universe, then you must have come across at least one of these posts on Instagram where people posted their Half-Faced pictures and tagged others to do the same.

Well, 8th May marks the World Thalassemia day. Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes the body to make fewer healthy red blood cells. The body also makes an inadequate amount of hemoglobin. The disease leads to severe anemia and can damage organs and lead to death.

The celebs took to Instagram to raise awareness and reduce the risk of this disease. If both, husband and wife, have Thalassemia Minor, there is a 25% chance that their child will have Thalassemia Major and reduced life expectancy. A child with Thalassemia major requires a blood transfusion at regular intervals.

By posting half-faced pictures, they wanted to remind everyone to get tested for Thalassemia and reduce the chances of Thalassemia major.

Bollywood never fails to aware people.

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