Forget Bollywood or the Novelists, when it comes to Cab drivers, they turn out to be the best narrators. You can extract some fine stories if you interact with them. Cabbies know how to keep you engaged in the conversations. But some Cab Drivers are born with exceptional skills.

A video, that’s keeping the users busy on the Internet, shows a Cab Driver conversing with the Passenger in Sanskrit, that too in Bengaluru.


Two things have astonished the people:
A. Cab Driver conversing with a passenger in Sanskrit.
B. Cab Driver conversing with a passenger in Sanskrit, and in Bengaluru.

Well, if you’ve been to any of the southern states, you know the hurdles. The language becomes the barrier. However, Bengaluru is a well-developed city of South and is filled with North Indians but still, some of the drivers find it hard to speak Hindi fluently.

The viral 45-second video clip shows the cabbie from Bengaluru interacting with a passenger in Sanskrit.

The video, posted by a Twitter user, Girish Bharadwaja, who claims himself an entrepreneur, has been keeping the users engaged and astonishing them.

Here are a few tweets that show how impressed netizens are.

Someone has been bitten by the ‘Entrepreneurial’ bug.

The Bengaluru air has coding in its particles.

Glad to see someone speaking the ancient language so fluently.

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