Anand Mahindra is known for his social media game. Be it the ‘shoe cobbler,’ who’s marketing skills wowed him or the Auto turned Scorpio, he has always appreciated such things on Twitter. Not just the appreciation, the Chairman also runs a contest for the creative people on Twitter. The Entrepreneur never fails to tickle the bones of his social media family with unconventional and humorous tweets.

Anand Mahindra again took to Twitter to share the most eccentric massage ‘mobile-parlor,’ which gives you all the pleasure and peace in just a few bucks.

The Chairman shared a picture of a Road Roller, which had a blurb of a Body Massage for Rs 499 posted on one of the wheels and wrote,

“Hilarious. After this massage, you’ll never need another one; it’ll be a permanent remedy for all ailments… (The guy who plastered that poster either had a delicious sense of humour or a seriously low IQ!).”

The picture, within no time, went viral and garnered thousands of eyes. Netizens could not stop laughing at this hilarious tweet.

Here’s how tweeple reacted to it.

In case you couldn’t visualise.

Anand Mahindra’s Whatsapp ‘pitora’ is full of quirky stuff.

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