When it comes to naming your brand, you should be precise with it. We (commerce graduates) have grown up studying that a brand name should be distinctive. It should be easy to memorize. It should be relatable. It should describe your product. Because a good name always helps in retention.

But, when a non-commerce graduate gives a name to its brand, it turns out to be hilarious.

Scrolling on Amazon, we found one such brand which has been named after a slang. “Bhains Ki Ankh” is a new addition of a footwear brand on Amazon. The slang which expresses shock and surprise is now a brand which manufactures slippers. You don’t believe us?

Jump to Amazon India and type “Bhains” on the search bar and the suggestions will pop-up saying “Bhains Ki Ankh slippers.” Click on the link and the company’s portfolio will show you many slippers ranging Rs. 299.

Forget the name, the description’s also hilarious.

“Bhains Ki Ankh Glitter New and Latest Design are now for Ladies and girls for New and Latest design with Look Fashionable And Fabulous With These Beautiful Pair of “Salipar” for Women. Fashionable Style These slippers are trendily adorned with the simple design Glitter Rhinestone, which is full of vitality and fashion. It is suitable for the trendy lady even at home, making you the center of attention anywhere. looks cute and gives you a chic look. ethnic and western both attires.”

Wondering who would buy such stuff? Some customers even have written good reviews as well.

I have got a name in my mind. How about Waat Lagg Gayi?

All images are screenshot from Amazon.

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