The Akshay-Modi interview is one of the widely talked interviews on the internet. It’s candid, non-political, it expresses emotions, shows the struggles, and reminds you Dadi-Nani ke Nuske to cure your cold.

Apart from the journey, one of the moments certainly caught our attention. When Akshay showed the PM a few memes, we were blown away. Even they had a good laugh. We’ve never seen PM Modi laughing like this earlier. But do you know who’s the man behind the Film-Fraternity meme?

His name is Krishna and he’s a skilled Photoshop artist. He’s been doing the same for more than 2 years now and has served more than 200 people with their requests. He even got a video message from Akshay Kumar himself, who’s appreciated his work.

Twitteratis are praising his work and this guy surely deserves the same.

This guy isn’t just a skilled Photoshop artist, he’s got good humor too.

Follow him for some cool, and creative work.

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