Asking your subordinates to do favors has become a tradition or custom in India. From older siblings to superiors at work, everyone and anyone can assign you some “unofficial” work. And if you deny doing so, repercussions can trouble others.

One such incident, that happened between the Caption and a Crew member, affected the time of the flyers and resulted an hour delay of the flight.

According to the reports, a quarrel between Air India’s Captain and a Cabin crew member over the rinsing of a Lunchbox led to delay of Air India flight bound to Kolkata. The incident took place when the boarding was done for the Bengaluru-Kolkata flight AI-772 and passengers witnessed the incident.


The crew member was offended when he was asked to wash the pilot’s lunchbox. Soon, it turned into a heated exchange of words. When the argument intensified, other crew members intervened and settled the clash. Resultantly, the flight got delayed by 77 Minutes.


One of the crew members told the sources, anonymously, that such incidents are usual and Pilots often push the crew members to do them such favors.

“Captains often push the cabin crew to do menial jobs. They ask the crew to make lassi, milkshake and mix and match meals. I have had many such experiences but I have always taken a stand and told the Captains a firm no.”

The authorities are investigating the matter and they’ve set-up an inquiry. Everyone’s thanking the God that the incident didn’t take place mid-air.

Don’t you think Superiority often oppresses others? Such oppression is intolerable at any workplace. What would you do if something similar happens to you?

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