Happiness is not something that grows on trees. It is something that only exists in our minds. Some people are happy with little things, some have gotten everything and still yowl. It’s truly a state of mind.


A heartening video of an Afghan boy, who danced and jumped with ecstasy in hospital after being fitted with a prosthetic limb, is going viral. This video will melt your heart and make you contemplate about life.

The video was shot by the Physiotherapist at the hospital. She wrote, “He shows his emotion with dance after getting limbs. He comes from Logar and lost his leg in a Landmine. This is how his life changed and made him smile.”

According to the sources, when the boy was 8-months-old, his one leg got amputated after a bullet hit him during a battle between the Afghan and Taliban government. His sister also got injured.

After a few years of therapies and struggles, he’s gotten an artificial limb and can now lead a normal life.

The boy’s getting love and blessings from the netizens.

Lots of love to you, Ahmad.

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