With another death, the toll has crossed 110 due to the chronic disease, Encephalitis, which has affected Muzzafarpur and the adjoining districts in Bihar. Media has been covering the hospitals to highlight the cause and expose the truth behind the treatment.

To cover one such incident, Aaj Tak’s reporter, Anjana Om Kashyap, went to the Sri Krishna College and Hospital in Muzaffarpur. She went inside the chaotic ICU, crowded with patients and their family members, and seeing the ‘Mismanagement,’ she yelled at the on-duty doctor.

In the broadcast, the news anchor was in the ICU ward crowded with patients and was seen shouting at a doctor, who seemed to be busy treating the ill patients.

The doctor was seen clearly performing his duties but the Journalist obstructed him from doing his work and disrupted him.

People found this piece offensive for disrupting the Doctor and called out Aaj Tak and the Journalist on Social Media.

However, in her defence, she replied to the criticism with her tweet saying “It was important to expose the truth.”

Meanwhile, the death toll from an outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district continues to rise.

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